Reset. Restart

To start with, I wish to confess that I actually am a socially awkward person who constantly finds herself at a loss of clever words in social situations calling for humour and wit. While making new friends comes naturally to me, possessing a reticent and taciturn personality in front of strangers suppresses my ability to appear interesting in any sort of way. It doesn’t help that H is in the exact same way. Classic introverts we are.

I found my ‘voice’ through blogging, where it became an effective platform to express myself without inhibitions. That is not necessarily a good thing. The relative anonymity the internet seemingly offers has, to a certain extent, veiled the pitfalls of revealing too much information. I am but part of the statistic in the millions that the internet has claimed victim.

The birth of this blog is my bid to pay homage to words as opposed to my dominant style of leveraging on my strengths in story-telling and photography, which tends to divulge too much. Being dishonest or evasive is not what I set out to achieve here. Rather, it is borne out of a desire to better juggle the delicate balance between my self-expression needs versus protecting my privacy.

There is writing, and then there is writing. The fact that I spent over an hour drafting, and re-drafting this post when I usually am much more prolific – writing five times this length in half the time – is a sombre reminder that I have indulged in casual writing far too long to keep up with the rigour of good writing. Good thing it will now be nipped in the bud, and hopefully just in time.


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