Great Pretender

The greatly feared kennel cough is making its rounds in the canine community here, judging by the prevalence of canines infected lately. While various pathogens have been attributed to cause the kennel cough, furkids deposited at close-quartered boarding houses during the popular travelling season of December most certainly perpetuated the infection. Paris was not spared; she picked it up during the latest boarding stint.

After the incubation period, she started gagging, retching and making the most horrible-sounding noises (which we later learnt at the vet’s to be coughs) whenever she got excited, and especially in the middle of the night when the whole family was attempting to get to sleep.

That Belle didn’t catch the kennel cough came as a pleasant surprise. She is after all more susceptible to diseases and infections, being weaker of the two. So imagine our surprise when the vet said she must have some natural immunity against kennel coughs then. Secretly, I thanked my lucky stars profusely. It was bad enough with one sick furkid in the house wanting my attention all the time.

Then Belle caught it. She too, started gagging, retching and making the most horrible-sounding noises. But her condition never escalated. Nor did her coughs sound nearly as bad as Paris’. We decided on monitoring her condition. Not that we could have sent her in even if we had wanted to; she chose the most inconvenient day on New Year Eve afternoon to start coughing.

Pretty Belle with Bow

Over the next few days, we watched on with bated breath. Paris was slowly, but surely getting better while Belle was neither getting better nor worse. Then, as suddenly as it came, it stopped. Belle stopped coughing about the same time Paris fully recovered. Elation aside, I began to wonder if Belle was just suffering from Couvade Syndrome of sorts. Or simply putting on an act to ensure that she got the same amount of attention her elder sister was receiving?

Only Boo-Boo herself knows for sure.  And for sure, she isn’t telling.

2 thoughts on “Great Pretender

    • genn says:

      Yea, she looks sweet, doesn’t she? Good thing most of Shellie May’s costumes come with bows of some sort, and that Belle-Belle fits into them. 🙂

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