How Much?

Having been fur-parents with over eight years of experience under our belts, the top question we get asked frequently is – HOW MUCH? How much did you get them for? How much do you spend on them per month? Is it expensive keeping dogs?

Expensive is relative. More often than not, I don’t know what the asker really wishes to know. Or maybe the questions only serve as a conversation starter; they aren’t really expecting answers. Despite this, it does not deter me from answering the questions truthfully because amongst them, there could always be another potential dog-owner. And it can’t hurt to have one more dog lover in the world.

As with human children, fur-parents will tell you the real cost of keeping dogs lies in maintenance – costs incurred to ensure that they grow up strong and healthy. My furkids are considerably more expensive to maintain because of their sizes and our choice in sparing no expense to provide them with the best diet and supplements. Furthermore, these two came to us at a very young age when they were barely over three months old (and both had some serious health issues when younger). If I really have to put a figure to it, the girls polish off $300 every month excluding visits to the vet’s, grooming costs and the occasional boarding expense. Barring unexpected drop-ins to the vet’s, the girls are sent in for their annual vaccinations early every year. It can be a rather hefty sum, close to half a thousand. And every grooming session including pick-up and return services sets us back by $150 every bi-monthly. All in all, we spend about say, $4,000 on the two furkids per annum.

Is it considered expensive? To others, perhaps. To us, this is a manageable expense. The joy we derive from having furkids at home far outweighs the monetary commitment. Anyone who knows us and our furkids will attest to this declaration.


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