About Meds

The weather has been acting up lately. Unpredictable, to say the least. Blowing hot and cold quite atypical of Singapore in January. In particular, it turned uncharacteristically cold in the middle of the night frequently in the last two to three weeks. Like clockwork, I caught a chill and as a result, an asthma attack.

I hung on for a bit, hoping it would wear off on its own, with some help from the ventolin inhaler. It didn’t. After two weeks and the same length of disturbed sleep, a visit to the doctor’s was in order.


The doctor, as usual, prescribed the same set of meds he always does that opens my airways to aid breathing. Then I asked for a painkiller prescription for my migraine. I don’t take them as frequently as I used to, but when it did attack, most painkillers don’t work. Except for a particular one that he doesn’t carry. And since it was a slow morning at the clinic, I asked him why he was so reluctant to write a prescription for that painkiller that works for me.

We listened attentively as he explained how drug companies hid results (and bad side effects) of a painkiller belonging to the same family as the one I prefer. As a result, most doctors have stopped using both painkillers. With that in mind, he went on to comment that he now does not trust statistics or information from drug companies because for profits, they could do anything, even something as despicable as hiding results indicating potential detrimental side effects.

That got me thinking. Do we really know what meds we are ingesting into our system after a trip down to the doctor’s? Do the medical professionals really know what they are doing? If we can no longer trust the drug companies, then is any new meds really safe for consumption?

Who is to know.

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