Amigurumi: Riki リキ

Painting is my penultimate nemesis, followed closely by drawing. There simply is no way to describe how bad I am in Art. But God is fair, this much is true – I am good with my hands, and am better skilled in crafts than most I know.

Recently I revisited crocheting, a craft skill picked up at a tender age of five. Fond memories of late grandma teaching me how to crochet shawls and hats had made it difficult for me to pick it up again. Through sheer coincidence, I thought of picking up Amigurumi as I was trawling the internet for travelling gnome sewing patterns. Good thing crocheting, a skill I am familiar with, is involved.

Riki 1

Meet Riki (リキ) the dog, my first Amigurumi (編みぐるみ) animal named after Riki the Sakhalin Husky, the leader of a team of sled dogs during Japan’s 1958 research expedition to Antarctica. Inspiration behind this naming had a simple story: I was watching Nankyoku Tairiku (南極大陸) while crocheting Riki.

Picking up Amigurumi is not difficult, even for a novice or a complete newbie. Mine was a completely self-taught process, although for most parts I simply needed a refresher on crochet stitches (with the help of tutorials found on YouTube). Taking more than a couple of days to complete Riki was not part of the plan, but I basically got bored. Seeing how long a process it was taking me, H has been nothing but encouraging. And for very good reason too – he mistakenly thought Riki was his and had intended for it to join his party of… stuff on his headset. But given that Riki is at 10 cm tall, seated, I’d say it is awfully big for the headset.

Instead of travelling with a Amigurumi gnome, I might now travel with Riki instead. Might Riki wish to have a companion?

* The pattern to crochet Riki the dog could be found here.


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