Blanket Party

H and I, we bicker often over the most trivial of things. Not in a bad sort of way. Quoting X: ‘Fighting over the small things goes to show that a couple already agree on the big things’. You think?

I’m apt to agree because we are in sync with the more important issues although I’m not entirely sure if the furkids actually agree with me. Being sensitive to our mood changes, raising of our voices even by a few negligible decibel could set them off. They get into a frenzy, and then try decide which side to defect to, depending on who is louder. Most of the time it’s my side they pick. Just sayin’.

One of the things that we both needed getting used to early into our marriage (while not trying to get at each other’s throats) was the habitual way we use blankets. Never encountered this problem prior because I never had to share my bed covering with anybody else before. Almost every other night and especially more so when the nights are chilly, I get awakened to H’s tugging in an attempt to gain more blanket dominance. By now you must have guessed – I am a classic blanket thief. But what makes it even more amusing to H, is how I hoard the whole blanket but never actually cover myself with it. I just kind of roll it all together in a bunch and sleep on it. It is more comfortable this way. Try it to believe!

A while ago, I was awakened by some tugging yet again. In our groggy, half-awake state, we started bickering about how cold we both were and how the other one was hoarding the blanket. Quite a common scene that goes on in our household in the wee hours of the morning. The furkids quickly scrambled to their feet, and ran over to my side because as always, I won.


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