It is said that eyes are the window to the soul. Don’t believe?

Paris and Belle Eyes

Such trusting, albeit unhappy eyes – unhappy because they were ‘restrained’ by H while I took pictures. Undoubting, trusting eyes nevertheless.

I wonder what we will see in the eyes of abandoned dogs. Despair and pain? Mostly fear, because I am suddenly reminded that our departed Sugar was a returned puppy. She obviously went through some traumatic experiences because I saw true fear in her eyes when we first brought her home. Clearly a new environment yet she was afraid of so many things even at the age where puppies should be more curious than fearful. Her temperament never did right itself as she grew up. We constantly blamed the first owners we never met.

Fortunately, the two younger furkids are a lot less fearful. And more fun to be in the company of. Boisterous and precocious mostly, but greatly amusing. And entertaining.


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