The Anomaly Theory

Being a person with a multitude of idiosyncrasies, I wouldn’t say I’m the easiest person around to get along with. This is not evident to what I call friends of circumstance for example colleagues, classmates in a language class or friends made on an online forum. To these acquaintances, I remain the most affable and amiable person on earth, as far as I could sustain. Not a terribly difficult endeavour considering little has been invested.

However I am not an easy-going person, largely by choice and recently, in reaction to some painful experience which necessitated the expunge of any association with the party. Despite how hard some of us try to break out of our comfort zones (many are contented to remain status quo), the fact remains that we all have been conditioned to behave in a certain way based on upbringing and life experiences, which closely ties in with our educational background and the type of people we most associate with. It is almost like the Dark Mark that Death Eaters have branded onto their arms, only invisible.

The anomaly theory is true – it does not work.

H astutely saw it right from the start, that it was all too toxic for me; I was just too blind to accept it. I know he so wanted to tell me ‘I told you so’ when things fell apart but refrained from the urge because he saw no good in stating the obvious. He is practical in this way, which sometimes positively infuriates me. Especially when I want him to redeclare his allegiance to me, just for reassurance. But that would only be asking him to state the obvious, wouldn’t it?


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