Nanoblock #3 and #4

Nanoblock-ing is seriously addictive. Completing another two nanoblock projects before the trip out to Japan was not part of the whole grand plan but it somehow just… happened. I rationalised that it meant I would need to fit two less packs of nanoblocks in the luggage. Hey, save space! Only that we all know the packs don’t occupy much space.

The allure is something I can’t quite explain, and I’m not about to attempt to. I’ve long given in to the theory that life can be frivolous, and a good starting point is picking up whimsical hobbies such as nanoblocks and amigurumi. They also help me to clear my head because I need to concentrate harder, what with the counting and intricate handiwork involved. The natural ability to multi-task is not a blessing, but a curse. Too often, I am mulling over several things in my head simultaneously, to the extent of not being able to slow down the brain activity in time for bed. Yet strangely enough, these two hobbies help me to relax and in turn, get ready to turn in.

Nowadays, books requiring deep concentration do the job too. Not a good thing, this. đŸ˜†


5 thoughts on “Addiction

  1. zentrek says:

    So cool! I’m a LEGO fan and love block work. Didn’t know about nanoblocks. Love the Tokyo Tower one. đŸ™‚

    • genn says:

      That’s my personal favourite too, and the most challenging one to build, to date. There’s another pretty one from Japan in this series – the Asakusa Kaminarimon. Sold out everywhere I’ve checked thus far, so I’m going to hunt it down in Nagoya.

      • zentrek says:

        Googled about Nanoblocks and discovered its Japanese? Couldn’t resist and went to look for a pack to try. I saw the Kaminarimon pack at Toys’r’Us @ Forum. I wonder if they have designs available in Japan not found elsewhere. Hmm…

  2. genn says:

    Yup, Japanese creation. Will take note if I can’t find it in Nagoya. Not sure about exclusivity but fans have a way of making things like this available worldwide. I know it’s half the price to buy it in Japan than over here in Singapore. Plus I want to get the display cases (have toppled my torii of Itsukushima Shrine several times!) for my completed blocks. Problem is fitting it in the luggage…

    Have fun with yours! Which one did you get?

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