Photo Wall

No thanks to the digital age, most of our travel photos in the last decade never found their way to print. Which is a pity, considering there have been some brag-worthy shots out of the thousands not-so-worthys. To address this regret, a plan was conceived moons ago to convert one of our empty walls into a photo wall, but I never really got down to working on it. When I finally did, it took a fair amount of perseverance and judgement before some 14 photographs made the cut.

The next obvious question was, which wall to use? Being minimalist at heart, we have refrained from drilling unnecessary holes and what-nots to avoid defacing the walls. Sticking 14 photographs on the wall with tape that would most probably deface the wall did not sit well with H although in principle he agreed a photo wall was the way to go. After some discussion (which, for the most part, I was the one doing the talking while H just listened), the empty wall in the entrance way was bestowed the honour of displaying some of my best photographs. This wall was selected in part due to my getting bored with the floral display we’ve had up there for the past 8 years. It was time for a change.

Photo Wall

For this project, I experimented heavily with colour filters and it often yielded surprising good results. The odd square size (instead of the usual 3R, 4R photo sizes) was also a bold undertaking that fortunately turned out well. Eventually, we also found a way to display the photographs without causing unnecessary damage to the surface of the wall, by way of lines and pegs. It looks bare since I really have not found the time to complete scouring my entire photography library but this will do, for the time being.

Now that the pictures can easily be removed from the pegs, we have every intention of asking everyone who visits to help themselves to the one that ‘speak’ to them. Any of them caught your eye?


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