Where’s the Plan?

I am an obnoxious planner and an awful wife who spent the eve prior to a trip out planning for the same said trip. If it didn’t sound too terrible to you, that’s because you don’t know the planning commenced more than half a year ago and should have been completed eons earlier.

Planning Trip

While the rest of the family were sleeping, I was hard at work. So hard I whipped out the macbook and ipad to complement whatever I was trying to do on the imac. Didn’t think anything of it till I leaned back on the chair to take a short break, and saw that the whole setup was simply hilarious. Fancy going through so much trouble just for a 12-day trip! Despite cutting back on unnecessary printing of materials since the introduction of the ipad into the process, the planning was as thorough as I liked it to be. And still as last-minute as any other trip. H just couldn’t see the point in how I work (because he likes to complete things much ahead of deadlines) considering the compounded amount of stress I put myself into in the final few days leading up to the trip. I secretly think it’s my subconscious not wanting to get it done too soon lest I forget or lose the euphoria.


2 thoughts on “Where’s the Plan?

    • genn says:

      You’re right about more excitement that comes with last minute planning. I think H’s concern is if I will actually complete my planning prior to leaving for the trip. He ever had to plan what we should do in Berlin on-the-go because I didn’t finish it, and he was not in the least pleased LOL.

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