Playing Favourites

In a city 5,000 km away from home, I discussed with H on how to improve our travelogue over a delectable dinner comprising mainly chicken wings. It has been my desire to systematically rank some of our favourite places in the world because that is the number one question we kept getting asked on. To a certain degree, I too am curious how our list would look like.

It was a simple idea I had, to award percentage points to a short list of criteria and then adding up to an overall percentage point. Little did I expect H would be in such a good mood (must be the Suntory Whisky!) to actually entertain and improve on my whimsy thought. He commented that the list should have a myriad of criteria, in the region of at least 20-30 questions and the responses should be kept simply to Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory and Neutral, with 2 points awarded to the first, 0 points for the second, and 1 for the third.

I have concerns over whether such a tight point-deviation system might result in a list not discerning/discriminating enough. And the other question nagging at the back of my head, is H going to be patient enough to rate all the places we have been to based on his suggested system (since the list should rightfully be an average of our individual scores)? I asked and his plain answer was ‘It depends on whether I feel like it’. Now, what sort of answer is that?!

* Our travelogue could be found here. I meant to announce its existence after I’d completed the backlog of posts since creating it in mid-2012 but it looks like I won’t be accomplishing that anytime soon. So, I reckon sharing it now is as good as any other time.


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