Trail Thrill

H and I, we are not the active sort. Our definiton of a perfect day is one spent at home in leisure, with the furkids, indulging in our non-active activities. Suffice to say that nowhere in our lives is sports featured prominently.

It is therefore rather strange that we are into walking trails. It all started in Autumn ’09 on our extended vacation to Italy that included the entralling Cinque Terre we both came to love so much. We challenged the ‘Blue Trail’ over a period of two half days and loved the experience. That this passion sustained over the years was truly quite a surprise to both of us.

Takayama Trail

Nowadays, trail-walking or hiking is always incorporated into our travels, where practicable. We have also become a little more than amateurish, recognising that we should invest in walking poles. They definitely came in handy when we trekked a portion of the Nakasendo Trail.


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