Postcards from Japan

I cannot remember when was the last time I wrote a letter to a friend. An unfortunate development following the proliferation of emailing and text messaging as primary form of communication, I’m afraid. As a result, many of the young generation cannot spell without a spell-check program and penmanship is fast becoming a lost art. But I digress.

H and I do use the postal services once in a while, most notably when we go travelling. Why, you may ask. Because we have an exceedingly old-fashioned habit of sending postcards home to ourselves and our parents whenever we explore a new city/town, sometimes having to go out of the way to purchase stamps (postcards are always easy to find but stamps, no). To us, this is the best form of keepsake from our travels. Nevermind that we have not figured out how to keep them all in one place (so they are really now all over the place, in stacks according to the different trips).

We had to wait a long while for the last postcard to reach us after returning from trips to Europe, but this recent trip to Japan… we received all the postcards within a week of returning home. And they were all in mint condition, unlike some of the torn and tattered ones that travelled half a world from Germany or Italy.

What about you? What’s your favourite keepsake from your travels?


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