The First of The End

My first concert of 2013 – LUNA SEA The End of the Dream Asia Tour 2013. LUNA SEA is arguably the definitive visual kei band in the 1990s, and I heard about them back in my varsity days. Very atypical of the genre of music I am usually drawn to but those were my wildest days so I guess it applied to my taste as well.

Gradually I tamed down, and so did LUNA SEA. What remained unchanged, was their passion for music and live performance. And then they announced that they were disbanding. It didn’t hit me as bad as it should because I was coping with the loss of my grandma back then.

For years, I lived without LUNA SEA’s music in my life. My taste had since reverted to what would be deemed as more ‘normal’ for someone like me. But I was excited when I heard that they were making their way to Singapore for a one-night concert. I had to be there.


Enjoyed myself thoroughly although my responses at the concert was a lot more muted than the other SLAVEs present. And J… reminded me once again why I was so infatuated with him back then.


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