Girls’ Talk

I hail from a family of hypochondriac, where the parents are exceptionally anxious about their state of health. And scare themselves way too often. It’s not something I can or want to lecture them about, because in most other cases, people have problems getting their elderly parents to take note of changes in their health. Not mine. They take charge of their own health even more conscientiously than I, mine. So much so that they often imagine illnesses they don’t have. Being in the pharmaceutical line meant that they possess more medical knowledge than a normal layman. Couple that with reading the newspapers daily while paying special attention to medical news… is simply a recipe for more paranoia.

To cut the long story short, the mum thought she might have colorectal cancer and thus asked for a colonoscopy. I accompanied her to the hospital for the procedure that took half a day including time for her to recover from the whole body anaesthetic (not necessary for this procedure but she asked for it specifically). The little sis took half a day off from work so she was already home by the time we got home with packed lunch.

We all took a nap after chatting for a while. Mum and I were in my old room talking about skin care products when the little sis walked in and wanted to be part of the conversation too. We chatted, until the mum fell asleep from fatigue. Seeing this, we decided to end the conversation to return to our own naps.

That day was a rare occasion when all three of us had nothing to do in particular. I could have gone home to the two furkids instead, but chose to spend time with my family sans the dad. It’s been almost a decade since I got married and left home, and that day revealed how much I really miss the times when the three of us went shopping or spent time together.


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