Lost, and Found

H misplaced his original Swiss Army Knife he bought in Lucerne during our honeymoon. To be exact, it was not misplaced but actually more forgotten after placing it under his pillow at a hotel during our recent vacation. Baffling place to keep it but who am I, the weirder one of us two, to question his action?

I asked for it one night later, on our last stop before flying off the next morning. That was the moment when he realised he had left it at the previous hotel, in the previous city. He was upset with himself for forgetting because that Swiss Army Knife had sentimental value to him: it has his name engraved on it, and it has always accompanied him on his travels. I had never seen him so distraught over losing a material possession before. Between us two, I’m the hoarder, not him. I offered to drop the hotel an email, and he was suddenly hopeful that he might be reunited with his knife.

I dropped a quick email to the hotel, forsaking the idea of writing in Japanese. It is afterall a huge hotel chain and if the reception staff could manage to string some simple sentences in English, I’m sure they could find someone who would understand my email. Furthermore, I tagged along the confirmation email I received from them, so my personal details on top of room number and description and location of the knife were all included. I was hopeful.

I waited, and a reply email came after two days. H had initally wanted me to include in the email that we do not mind paying for postage to get the knife sent back to us, but I told him 1) I don’t know how we are going to pay the hotel for that, and 2) it being a popular hotel chain, can most certainly afford postage and would also do it free-of-charge as a form of service. I was right, as I always am. 🙂

About a week later, I received another email from the hotel. Apparently they didn’t send out the knife because they were advised by the post office that the article may be confiscated in Singapore before it reaches us. They wanted me to advise the next course of action, to be specific, if I wanted to take the risk. Happened that I have an ex-colleague now teaching English in Japan, and E was going to meet up with her in Tokyo before returning to Singapore. Didn’t take long for me to figure out the option available to me.

Swiss Knife

To cut the long story short, the swiss knife is now back with the owner. Exactly one month after he lost it. So grateful to the two friends who lent a helping hand in our time of need.


3 thoughts on “Lost, and Found

    • genn says:

      This is a question I cannot answer lol. I was barked at when I asked him the moment he realised he had forgotten about it. Now that it’s back in his hands, perhaps he will be patient enough to answer me.

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