26 March

The special day of the special one in my life came and went without even as much as a ripple: no outlandish celebratory events, no grandiose declaration of love for him on Facebook. Absolutely no fanfare. All he got was a ‘Happy Birthday darling’ I barely managed to croak just past midnight. And then I promptly reverted to treating him as my doctor, nurse and manservant. A sick wife deserves all the privileges, doesn’t she? 😉

But make no mistake about it – I love this man who loves me to bits, and it is possibly still a few notches down from how much he loves me (if it is even measurable). I am the self-centered one in our relationship; I’m not proud of it per se although it is my belief that his indulging me has led to this. Which leads me to the conclusion that he brings out the worst in me. Ironical, because just some weeks ago, I just told someone close that this thing about a person bringing out the worst in people around him doesn’t exist.

I’d like to think that we have weathered a lot together as a couple and somehow, against all odds, emerged stronger than ever. He makes me want to become a better person – I’m on my way there… it is just taking a tad longer because he keeps getting me sidetracked. I will get there one day.

Though now two days belated, I would like to, in my own simple way, wish this perfect man for me a ‘Happy Birthday’.

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