The Black

It was a performance we barely made it for. Blame it on the common cold that has been ailing the both of us the past two weeks. I was, in particular, still feeling very unwell right up till the day of the performance. At one point, I was even burning up at a temperature over 38˚C. H was adamant about skipping the performance should my fever fail to subside. As a result, I vehemently willed my body to heal… and finally made it.

Le Noir Collage

Le Noir is unlike the other circuses I’d attended before, in that it boasts a very intimate cirque style entertainment in a considerably small theatre. Nothing like the few large Cirque du Soleil productions I had watched in recent years. We went into the theatre not knowing what to expect, and were pleasantly surprised when informed by the usher that non-flash photography was actually allowed during the performance. A definite first for H to be attending a performance with such a progressive regulation, and my second – but for the life of me, I cannot remember which other performance I attended permitted it.

Le Noir Finale

With thanks to my new toy, I managed some decent shots of the performers during the finale. Despite the relaxed regulation, I didn’t feel like diverting my attention away to take shots during the 120-minute long performance (including a 20-minute interval). Most of the acts including aerial lira, aerial strap, duo trapeze and balancing acts are familiar residents of a human circus but Le Noir has some special acts I’d never really seen before like shape spinning and cyr wheeling. Couple that with skilfully placed spotlights and I was completely bedazzled by the play of lights on top of being awed by the amazing acrobatic acts. The theatrical spectacle was such a treat for my eyes. I was completely immersed in the performance I almost forgot about my cold.

Le Noir is performing at Sands Theatre till this Sunday. There is still time to catch one of the last performances if you are as big a fan of human circuses as I am. You won’t be disappointed.


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