Stuff nowadays are just not made to last, in particular electronic products. After approximately two years of fairly rigorous usage, the iPhone 4 was showing signs of fatigue. Apps crashing became a daily affair, sometimes occurring numerous times on end despite a soft reset, followed by a hard reset. After monitoring the performance of my iPhone closely while we were vacationing in Seoul, H became very concerned. And it was in Seoul that he told me to start shopping for new phone covers because he would be getting me a brand new Note II when we returned from the trip. Seoul, the home of Samsung, did not disappoint. I bought two covers even before I owned the phone.

It did take him some days before he got down to completing the deed. Being the impatient person that I am, I was the epitome of petulance and recalcitrance – a very difficult person to live with, although in my defence, I was down with a persistent cold.

Finally on Good Friday, I received my new toy. Considering that my five recent mobile phones were all on different platforms (Nokia, NEC, Blackberry, Apple and now, Android), adapting was easy-peasy by my standards. As expected I hit with some snags while sync-ing the contact list and calendar but I was ready to start afresh in any case. It wasn’t necessary eventually because I figured out how to move from an Apple to an Android rather seamlessly, albeit resulting in multiple records. That, was easier to deal with than no records.

Note II

Fun doesn’t even begin to describe how I’d enjoyed the Note II for the past week. I kept wondering why it took me so long to take the plunge (had been wanting to switch since Note I came into the market). It also took several generations of iPhone to come into existence before I committed myself (despite wanting a jail-broken version of first gen iPhone that wasn’t available to our market). Guess in a largely reckless nature, I do possess some of my parents’ discretionary genes.

Thank you darling.


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