Surprise Find

Shirakawago Nano

The last time I blogged about nanoblocks, I thought my collection would stagnate at seven for a long time. Definitely I was not expecting to find the Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go nanoblock still available in the market, much less off a dusty shelf of a bookshop in Gangnam, Seoul! After all, this was the second nanoblock to be released of the whole series and the series now stands at over a hundred.

Suffice it to conclude that I was ecstatic when I spotted it! Part of the reason of my being so happy is that H and I just visited Shirakawa-go earlier this year. And I loved the trip very much. The nanoblock replica of a Gassho hut we stayed in is just the very souvenir I need to remind me of the fond memories.


2 thoughts on “Surprise Find

  1. jaren says:

    hello! do you stay near gangnum seoul? i am actually looking for the shirakawago nanoblock for like ages and cant seem to find them anywhere in singapore! just wondering if it is possible for you to purchase one for me? kindly let me know!

    • genn says:

      Sorry, but I don’t stay in Korea. I just happened to pass by that bookstore during a vacation to Seoul earlier this year.

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