Bento #1

H is an infuriatingly fussy eater. And he knows it too. But he absolutely loathes it when it is being pointed out, and never imposes on anyone to adapt to his odd habits. This has resulted in some very inconvenient situations for him at times. Case in point: wedding dinners – say out of ten dishes, my dear husband will find only about two to three of them palatable. Literally. He is the only person I know of who walks out of a typical Chinese wedding dinner and adjourn to a local Tze-Char stall for Hor Fun because he is still hungry.

It is not fun to be in his shoes. Thus I can perfectly understand when he started bugging me to prepare bento for him. Especially after a change in portfolio because it meant that he is no longer at liberty to volunteer go buy food for his team. There are only so many times he can remind the volunteer that he wants no tinge of any sauce on his rice, right?

Today is a special day, I prepared his 1st bento for him, in a very high-class but classy understated Franc Franc bento set. Oh what an oxymoron! 😆 But on a more serious note, it wasn’t very easy sourcing for male-suitable bento boxes. Most out in the market are either too kid-ish or feminine. Furthermore I wanted microwave-friendly boxes. That practically makes 80% of bento boxes out there unsuitable.

Bento #1

We Chinese cannot do without our rice. We tried converting to organic brown rice as a healthier option, but it just never grew on us. So we are back to long-grained white rice, albeit trying to cut back. In his bento today is the must-have white rice, five bite-size pieces of chicken, french green beans and some button mushroom. Presentation isn’t the prettiest, but it didn’t do too bad in the taste component!

From the way I titled this post, anyone could guess that this will be the first of many bento to come. Eventually I will gather speed and pack him bento more frequently, but at the moment, I’m looking at once or twice a week. While I don’t have a huge repertoire of recipes (suitable for bento) to revisit, the internet is a great source of help. Good thing I am quite in my element in the kitchen.

Recipes Used:
Sweet-Sour Red Wine Vinegar Chicken
French Green Beans with Carrot
Stir-Fried Button Mushrooms with Butter

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