Comfort Food

In spite of being a self-proclaimed foodie, I am not in the least hard pressed for an answer if asked what is my all-time comfort food. Without a doubt, it would be my mum’s cooking. Since getting married and thus moving out years ago, I’ve had few opportunities to enjoy mum’s cooking. Part of reason being that I’m no longer staying with her, and the other part being that she finds lesser and lesser energy to cook as she ages.

However one tradition has not changed over the years: she always cooks up a storm for the family during the Lunar New Year. We were a cosy family of 5 for many years, but in the past couple of years we’ve had an addition in the form of a to-be brother-in-law. My family sans the son-in-law and son-in-law to-be do not care very much for prawns, but these two boys love their crustaceans. So it’s a good thing they now have each other for company.

2013 CNY Lunch by Mummy Montage

These photographs were taken earlier this year in Feb during the Lunar New Year. Somehow they were just sitting in my SD card waiting to be rediscovered. And my mouth involuntarily watered the moment I saw the photos. To others, the food may not seem much but to me, no other foods taste better than mum’s cooking.

Mum dearest wasn’t always a good cook. Until I was 8, she was a full-time working mother. So when she first got initiated into the world of a stay-at-home mother, she didn’t know how to cook well and had to start learning from scratch. I remember very well how I used to hate having her fish porridge for lunch before school in Primary 3. Now, I wouldn’t exchange her cooking for anything else in the world. And her double-boiled soups are to kill for. While I have managed to learn most of her soup recipes, my soups still turn out nothing like hers. H prefers mum’s over mine any day. Looks like I still have much to learn from her.

And what is your comfort food?

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