Lace Tying

So sweet, isn’t it? Everyone who’d watched this Super Junior’s MV ‘No Other’ back then was gushing about how romantic and sweet Siwon was. He was also really embarrassed about it. In the MV, that is. Like fairy-tale, isn’t it?

But hey, it happens in real life too. I know this for a fact because H ties my shoelaces for me too, when they come undone, albeit mostly grudgingly. This happened several times during our recent trip to Seoul when the right-side laces of my Geox sneakers just kept persistently coming undone. Notably, we stopped once in Myeongdong, once in COEX Mall and once Hongdae – three locations swarmed with people. There were several other times and every single time, he found it pertinent that he tied it up for me immediately.


When he isn’t being obnoxious and making me angry (which is very often, of late!), H can be a very sweet husband. I know that.


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