Considering how much of OCD symptoms I present, it’s hardly a surprise that I am somewhat obsessive about labelling things. From external hard disks to pens… suffice it to say that I was thinking up every possible creative way to label my possessions. And justify my purchase of a rather elaborate label-maker.

That was a decade ago.

Somehow, the opportunity to ‘upgrade’ my label-maker presented itself some weeks back by means of a contact living in Japan herself. Though equally jam-packed with functions (with additional cute functions!) like my old label-maker, this is 1/3 the size of it and costs only a fraction of S$250 I forked out for the old one. The instructions are entirely in Japanese though. Good thing I am familiar with P-Touches so working knowledge of the equipment and some knowledge of the language managed to ensure that this piece of contraption remains useful to me. Best part of all? It shares the same TZ tapes that my old label-maker uses.

Pooh Label Maker

I have been having a lot of fun with the label-maker. Contemplated buying either the Winnie-the-Pooh or Hello-Kitty version for an ex-friend since her girl will be approaching school-going age soon, and I thought she might find the label-maker useful in creating name labels for N. But I lost her postal address after changing mobile phones and we don’t contact each other anymore, so… that’s just too bad I guess. Perhaps it’s all for the better. I have to stop thinking for others, especially those who will never think for me.


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