Special day it is, today. Because the baby of the family, Belle finally turns 3!

While dogs by usual standards become adults by the age of 2, our family makes some concessions in that our furkids officially turn adults only at the age of 3. Which is today for Belle. She clearly still thinks she is a puppy. It’s hard not to, being the baby of the family. And it’s true she gets away with a lot of things while Sugar and Paris would have receive hard smacks if they had attempted the same. Truth is, H and I might have contributed to her becoming such a precocious and insolent puppy.

But we are not complaining heh. It’s really fun to have her around in the house. Even our usual boarder whom we leave the dogs with when we travel has commented that she found Paris to be more cheerful with Belle around. This puppy’s cheeriness is infectious!

Boo with Grouchy Paris

Paris does hate the camera! On the other hand, Boo-Boo readily poses and smiles for the camera, exactly like Sugar. But oh, when they play, Paris gets more crazy than her little sister. Which baffles us, since she is considered a senior dog now, by any standards.

On this special day, Boo-Boo is allowed on the sofa anytime she likes. And she has been taking advantage of this one-day concession without knowing why. That silly airhead. 😆


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