Comfort Zone

Comfort zone. It was something I used to be quite comfortable in challenging when I was younger. Could be the post-teenager rebellion that I didn’t manage to shake off till well into my adult years. Who knows.

Yet something about adulthood changed me. As most, if not all of us. The older we get, the less likely we are capable of moving away from the comfort zone. For one, duty and responsbility one takes on as a adult refrains us from making frivolous or high-risk decisions. This is not necessarily a bad thing in itself although it does rein us in. And possibly stop us from making decisions that may actually benefit us. If we never try, we’ll never know right?

I’m turning putty. Lost all the gumption I used to have in my younger days alongside some bad friendship decisions. I can’t tell if that is the reason behind my recent newfound excessive caution. I have been vacillating over my decisions several times, and refusing to make firm ones. When I make them, I promptly go on to questioning them. Never been this indecisive before. And it is pissing me off like hell.

Wish I could just toss a coin and decide based on a head or tail outcome. Then again, Lady Luck has never been on my side so I already know it would be an outcome unfavourable to me. Even before I actually toss one.


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