Label Rampage

Though not the first label maker I own, I’ve been going on a sort of labelling rampage ever since getting the fun Winnie the Pooh themed label maker. It’s just more fun to make labels with this new one. May I present my latest victim today…

Boo Labelled

She jumped at the chance when I asked the both of them if they wanted me to label them (ok, to be honest, she probably didn’t know what she was getting into :lol:). So I made her a ‘Boo-Boo’ label, and allowed her to parade in front of Paris, whom you could see was hovering around her in the picture above. Paris is known to hate picture-taking. When she is in a more cooperative (read: pliable) mood, I shall attempt to label her too. On hindsight, I probably should have tried when I labelled Belle, taking full advantage of her jealousy at the attention showered on her little fur-sister.

Oh well… enough laughs for today. For me, that is. It’s sad being my dogs… I often make fun of them just for laughs (although I don’t think they found it funny). That’s part of the condition before becoming a furkid in our family, except that they have no say in it.

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