Obsessed Belle

This furkid is particularly obsessed with balls, or anything that is round in shape. This soft toy, we got it from IKEA and she is used to having one accessible to her since a very young age. She doesn’t really tear them up (soft mouth characteristic of golden retrievers) but they do get very dirty from frequent ‘use’. And they are cheap, so we don’t bother washing.

Once every couple of months, we need to give her a new one. Our trips to IKEA always ends up having us buy 3 more new balls to stock up (in black, red and blue respectively). I fear the day when IKEA stops carry these balls because honestly, I prefer giving her this to play with than tennis balls. I’ve more than once caught her tearing the fibre off tennis balls and that can’t be good for her.

This reminds me, I need to make another trip to IKEA soon.


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