My furkids are important to me. I treat them as surrogate for children we don’t, and may never have. But I stop short of treating them as human beings i.e. no eating at the dining table, no dressing up in fancy clothes and no dog weddings. I think what I’m doing is a good balance.

And I get extremely annoyed when my furkids get the blame because someone has a skin condition that is worsening. Fact is, staying in an air-conditioned room almost 24/7 without applying any form of moisturiser is just asking for trouble. The skin will itch, with or without dogs in the house. It’s not like I don’t know what itching is like. I too, have sensitive skin, but I know when to stop scratching because I care about scars.

So instead of letting me catch you scratching all the time, why don’t you proactively try to stop the itch? And stop blaming on Belle? The reasoning is just so absurd – the two older ones, same breed, don’t make you itch but the youngest one does?

I don’t tolerate imbeciles, not even you.


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