Where skin care is concerned, I subscribe to the philosophy that ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’. And have a perfectly good reason for being unadventurous – ultra-sensitive skin. It runs in the family, so it seems. At least I can tell that little sis and I have the same affliction. I could be using the same product for years and suddenly develop a sensitivity for it mid-way into a bottle (after finishing several prior). There is simply no explanation for it. Just like how I can never explain why I cannot wear non-gold earrings, my skin just cannot withstand something non-gold.

In recent years, things have improved. My face’s sensitivity seemed to have stabilised, according to my facial therapist. There are of course still days that this sensitivity acts up, especially when the haze returns. But in general, things are finally looking up where the face is concerned. I got experimental. The first thing I did was to re-introduce SKII facial treatment essence back into my skin care regime. I stopped using it more than a decade ago when I found the essence to be too strong for my skin. And of course, I developed a sensitivity for it. After so many years, I wondered if my face could now tolerate this strong, but otherwise great skin care product.

Fingers crossed because so far, so good. I have gradually changed some of my daily skin care products over the past 3 years so much so that I am literally using different brands for almost the whole line of regime including makeup remover, cleanser, scrub, toner, essence and moisturiser (well yes, the mum has trained me well… I had just been too care-less in the past). But it works for my skin and that’s the most important.

So, this is where I cannot explain something – why are the good skin care products not introduced to the Singapore market? I was happy with my Kose Medicated Sekkisei essence that I bought from Japan some years back (and was fortunate enough to be able to replenish my stock from frequent visits back to Japan) but was dismayed to learn that the Medicated Sekkisei series is not available in Singapore. Same goes for a line of products from The Face Shop called ‘Intevia’. I love their essence and facial masks, but this is a line that somehow just refuses to make its way to the Singapore stores. I stock up like a year’s supply every time I revisit Seoul. Apparently, this Intevia line’s products get swept off the shelves by Japanese tourists to Seoul so it goes to show how good the line is. And last but not the least, I swear by Too Cool for School’s BB cream, which unfortunately, is also not available in Singapore. Perhaps my skin type is atypical of Singaporeans, hence explaining why I have to rely on products not found locally.

However the old wives’ tale is true, at least for me it is – drink lots of water, eat fruits daily (apples with skin works for me) and have a regular lifestyle where one goes to bed and wakes up at approximately the same time everyday. This is the way I assure that my skin stays clear. Of course there are those who drink and smoke every single day, hardly drink water or eat fruits and still have good skin. They have good genes, which is something I conclude I don’t have thus needing to put in more effort. But I believe nurture is more important than nature. Skin, no matter how good the genes, will show deterioration if not taken good care of. It’s only a matter of time.


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