The Prized Pink Elephant

The furkids have a prized soft toy that they had to give up recently. It was a pink elephant that I initially bought for Sugar and Paris almost 5 years back. Sugar was a destroyer in that she frequently tore up her toys, but somehow this pink elephant was spared. And thus was still within their pile of toys when Belle joined the pack.

Compared to her two elder fur-sisters, Belle has a very ‘soft’ mouth typical of true blood golden retrievers. She never once destroyed any of my furniture like how the other two did, and all the toys we gave her lasted, with the exception of her IKEA balls. Even then we replaced the balls because they got dirty, and not because she tore them apart.

She loved carrying the pink elephant in her mouth by its trunk, and sometimes tried to carry it along with her ball. It never crossed my mind to replace the soft toys because 1) Paris is already getting in on years and doesn’t play with toys that often, and 2) Belle takes good care of her toys. Unfortunately the other afternoon I found pieces of pink fleece fabric on the floor. For one reason or another, the two girls had been tearing up the pink elephant. So into the dump it went. After the intestinal blockage incident with Sugar, we are now very strict with what the furkids ingest apart from their food. And we don’t want them to eat up the pink elephant (which they are completely capable of).

Paris with Elephant

This is a picture of Paris with the prized toy some days before it got thrown out. She sometimes likes to lie down with a toy by her side or like Sugar used to, likes to locate the squeaker in the toy. This doesn’t happen often because Belle is a bully and tends to want all the toys for herself. Such sad eyes this girl has. She just hates the camera.

Following the throwing out, I’ve been vacillating between buying or not buying some new fleece toys for the girls. They are not expensive, but shipping all the way from the US will be.


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