Dressing Up

So the two furkids Paris and Belle were featured in a photoshoot which, at this point I’m not really at liberty to talk about. I’m not a big fan of letting my furkids wear ridiculous clothes but I do like disturbing them with simple accessories like neck scarfs or little hats lying around the house. Yeah, I don’t believe in specially buying accessories for them too. Years ago when I was a new fur-mummy, yes but over the years I’ve grown way too practical for that.

Pretty Paris & Belle sm

They were really hot after climbing a few flights of steps. It was a hot afternoon but thankfully the photoshoot took place in shade. Even then they were panting so H and I had to coax them a little, promising them of ice-melted water once we get to the car after the shoot was done. Not that I think they understood a word of it. I have a habit of talking to them a lot. Ah the perils of spending too much time with dogs and too little time with humans. 😆

I thought Paris wouldn’t be cooperative, and wasn’t having high hopes. Her performance that afternoon surpassed my expectations of her; not only was she not sulky with a camera pointing at her, she was actually all smiley. Makes me wonder if her hatred for cameras is really directed at me after all. And Belle, was as usual, her happy self.

The photoshoot was carried out smoothly, and the portion that involved them took less than 1 hour. But it felt like 5 hours to H & I. At the end of it, I think we were more tired than them two.


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