This Business about Buying Tickets

I have to say that I have relatively good luck at buying concert tickets, with the exception of tickets that really, really matter to me for example SuShows and SMTowns’. But I have other ways to secure tickets so well… things are generally looking up where concert tickets are concerned.

Herein lies the crux of the issue – tremendous amount of stress I face prior to the start of the sale, and time invested in practising. It is afterall a game of the fastest fingers. And since I do have some mainstream taste in music, it is never difficult to find friends around me who wish to attend the same concerts. Somehow, I always end up being the person in charge of purchasing the much-sought-after concert tickets. I really have to relinquish this reputation of having luck in getting tickets; getting old and all these… excitement… very bad for the heart.

Though I don’t volunteer to do things with hope of rewards or returns, but due heartfelt gratitude expressed would be nice. Fact is I have not chosen friends well – there are some who take me for granted. In particular this one person comes to mind. She failed to realise that buying tickets for 3 would be much more difficult in ensuring good seats but I was the first person she turned to when she had ‘possibly’ an extra ticket because her two good friends who were supposed to attend a concert with her quarrelled thus refusing to turn up for the concert together. I don’t even know what possessed me to agree to be the ‘spare tyre’ till the very last minute, potentially paying full price for the ticket. For DBSK’s Fan Meeting – a group I don’t particularly follow, and I will never waste money on fan meetings. But for friends… I was willing.

At the eleventh hour, I was informed that my ‘services’ wouldn’t be required. Such a nice friend I have. Though I have opted not to keep in touch with her, I will never forget her. And all for the wrong reasons.

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