What sets Super Junior apart from the other numerous groups in Korea, apart from the obvious fact that they started out with 13 members (actually 12 but eventually 13 – too complicated to explain it here), is the existence of 3 members in the group. These 3 of them – Kyuhyun, Ryewook and Yesung (therefore the abbreviation K.R.Y. for the subgroup they formed) – sing, and boy can they sing well! In fact, they are often ranked amongst the top idol vocalists.

Like many people out there, I first got to know of Korean pop music through their ‘Sorry, Sorry’. I got curious and bought the album to listen to the other music they offered. And fell deeply in love with the voices of K.R.Y.. In their ‘Sorry, Sorry’ album, one of their songs ‘Let’s Not’ was featured. Despite not knowing what they were singing about, the song could somehow invoke involuntary heartache in me. They are that good. In Chinese, we call this 有感染力的歌声。

‘Coagulation’ is one of the many favourite K.R.Y. songs of mine. I am always amazed at how they sound exactly the same singing live in comparison to a studio recording. I started out liking Yesung’s husky voice the most because I thought he sang with the most emotion. Kyuhyun was a close second on my list but I found his voice a little too ‘perfect’ and emotionless at times. H liked Ryewook’s voice the most (although I liked it the least) because the voice range reminded him of Jeff Chang, a Taiwanese singer we both like.

Over the years, my list standing has somewhat changed. Kyuyhun improved on his technique and is showcasing more of what he is capable of. He has become joint-first place with Yesung while Ryewook is still second. Although, I have to qualify that I am appreciating his voice more and more, and recognise that he is too, indispensable to SJ and SJ-K.R.Y.. H still likes Ryewook best while lil sis loves Yesung’s voice the most.

KRY Bag Charm

What started out as a simple idea to share a picture of the K.R.Y bag charm ended being a post introducing them. I just feel that they are very underrated; they are the only SJ subgroup that hasn’t released a full album and they had only held K.R.Y. only concerts in China, Japan and Taiwan. Now that Yesung is serving his mandatory military duty, K.R.Y. will be non-existent for 2 years. And by the time he is released from duty, it is almost time for Ryewook and Kyuhyun to report for duty. A little sad that I never got to attend any of their concerts because I don’t know know when the next one will be.


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