So, the other day the two furkids were locked up in the air-conditioned room with me as we tried our darnest to ignore the 300+ PSI outside. I suddenly wanted to confirm again that Belle actually does know what ‘ball ball’ is. So I asked her, ‘Boo-Boo, ball ball where?’

She looked up at me, tilted her head a little and stood up. Then her eyes swept around the room and confirmed that it was not in the room. The next thing she did quite took me by surprise. She walked to Paris (who was hidden at H’s side of the bed, with her head buried under the bed trying to get to sleep) and kind of nudged her. It appeared (to me) like she was asking her jie-jie if she knew where the ball was.

Paris can’t even be bothered to look at her. šŸ˜†

Wanting to test my theory further, I decided to open the door of the bedroom and told Belle to go look for the ball while I go get a glass of water in the kitchen. Then I instructed her to get the ball and go back to the bedroom to wait for me to play fetch with her. She dashed out of the room the moment I opened it, and went straight into the study room to retrieve her ball. After the retrieval she went back to the bedroom as instructed while I proceeded to the kitchen.

I was surprised that she actually understood exactly what I told her to do! This is a fine example illustrating that we sometimes underestimate how clever our furkids actually are.

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