Just Another Day

28 Jun comes by once every year like all other dates (duh!), except that it is a special day for me. It’s the day I officially grow older. But my family is never big on birthday celebrations. And so I too, grow up not liking big celebrations. The fact that I’m rather an extreme introvert could also play a part in the choice.

Over the years, the number of people who could remember this day as my special day too, has dwindled. Especially after I consciously and purposefully removed the reminder on my FB account. True that it helps people to remember, but I feel that it has somewhat turned into a popularity contest hence the decision.

To be honest, forgetfulness in some are less forgivable than others. But that’s the way things are – we become more important to some people, and less important to others over time. In particular, the fact that a close cousin I see as my elder sister has consistently forgotten about this day 4 years in a row continues to disturb me. I grumbled a little to lil sis over WhatsApp, and she very sagely told me not to expect anything from this cousin whose brain is probably already operating beyond capacity. LOL. Yes, she has always been somewhat a scatterbrain. And I cannot fault her if I am capable of remembering her birthday every single year it comes by.

This year, I chose to spend this day quietly. Without stepping out of the house and choosing to postpone dinner at an upmarket restaurant till our 10th wedding anniversary later in the year. As the day comes to a close, I am winding down with a very interesting book on introversion and a cup of hot tea. Ask any introvert and he/she will tell you this is heavenly bliss. Indeed it is.

As with recent years, this year too I wish better health for myself and my loved ones, especially my aging parents.

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