I have natural curls and knew that very early on in my life that my hair will never, ever be jet black and straight like those of china dolls. Couple that with fine hair meant that the popular process of hair rebonding is not an option available to me because it will damage my hair severely. I whine very often (to my family) about my hair, often blaming my parents for their own natural curls that seemed to have culminated on my head.

Hence it is understandable that I positively loathe it when I get comments like ‘You permed your hair. It’s nice!’ from acquaintances or colleagues who do not know me well enough i.e. that I spend very little effort on my hair. BECAUSE I DID NO PERM MY HAIR! I have this thing against hair perming primarily because I think it makes someone look older. And I’m at a point in life where I will never reveal my real age publicly if possible. Thus looking older (by hair-perming) is hardly an option.

When someone comments that I looked like I permed my hair, I can only deduce that this person finds me looking older than I actually am. Can’t blame me for being upset!

To this the lil sis had something to say about my complaints – that I’m lucky my curls go in the right way i.e. inwards so they really do curl nicely. Unlike hers that curl all over the shop. Yea, like I should feel so fortunate about it.

I’m bringing this up again because a couple of days ago I went to my facial therapist who made that deadly comment. I had to stop myself from giving the poor lady who obviously didn’t know about my Archilles’ heel my death stare. Mentioned this to the parents just now while walking to the car after dinner, and instead of quietly accepting my accusations this time round (of her ‘curly’ genes) the mum pointed at dad and said that I should blame him instead. I laughed straight in her face. With the both of them walking a little ahead of me, it was more than clear to me who is the one with more natural curls (and thus should be held more responsible for the plight I’m in).

OK I hate the ‘curly’ genes… but I love the parents a lot. How to blame them for it?

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