The trip out to Seoul on my own (well, not quite) to participate in a language immersion programme almost quite never materialise. Almost. The high level of anxiety I felt was at its tippling point, and it surely didn’t help that the haze situation back home had brought on some asthma attacks again. Health was a primary concern (of both mine, and the family’s) but eventually logic – or illogic, depending on how you see it – won over. So much preparation had gone into this trip it didn’t make sense for a last-minute ditch.

H had to endure a fair bit of nonsense form me prior to the trip, including the ‘mandatory’ squabbling over luggage contents whenever overseas travel is involved. This squabbling unsettles the rest of the family, but we both understand this is our unique style of communication because at the end of the day, we don’t love each other lesser. Eventually, I came to Seoul with a 28kg luggage. Fully intending to ship home as much as possible prior to end of programme so my load will be much lighter.

Everyone had been giving me tremendous support over this decision to challenge my comfort zone. Things could be better but I’m doing ok so far living on my own in a functional one room. It’s like back to living in the hostel during the university days all over again. And I like the part about back to school (for studying). Just not quite enjoying the cultural classes in the afternoons so far because a fair bit of walking had been involved, to be completed within a stipulated period of time. Not fun at all. But things should be looking up soon. I hope.


This is a beautiful, privately run Catholic university in Seoul. It has been raining a lot, so I have not gone around to take a lot of pictures. Will do that one weekend, when the weather is better.


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