One of the 3 teachers for my class reminded us today that we are exactly mid-way into the immersion programme, and that we should make full use of the remaining time we have. Although I have been counting the days on the expenditure spreadsheet, I weren’t cognisant of the fact that time was flying by so fast. Too many things I want to do, but too little time.

Which is why I’ve decided to write a little (have been blogging very rarely though I promised to be more frequent) despite having two quizzes tomorrow to study for, and not being in the greatest of moods. The latter is probably the real reason why I’ve decided to indulge in blogging – writing has a calming effect on me, and hopefully I will feel better by the end of the post.

The better half of the weekend past was spent at the cultural town of Heyri with E. She planned everything from accommodation to interesting places to visit, and I just followed along. Really thankful for the detailed planning that went into the overnight trip because apart from reading up a little about the place (and deciding that I want to go) I have not done my homework one bit.

And I lugged the heavy D60 (with the attached multi-purpose lens and an additional wide-angle lens) with me all the way there, only to find out at the hotel room after checking-in that the battery was completely flat. Smart-aleck me also decided the night before that since it was just an overnight trip I didn’t need to bring along the charger. So… the DSLR was brought there for naught. So clever of me. But in my defence, if I had switched off the DSLR properly after the last use, the battery would have lasted beyond our trip to Heyri. Learnt a lesson through this, that despite confidence, I should always check visually that what I assume is what it is.

I was inconsolable. Fortunately I also did bring along the LX10 hence I wasn’t without a camera. Just not with the camera I wished to shoot the beautiful place with. Well… beggars can’t be choosers.

Book House @ Heyri

E asked me if there was any place I wanted specifically to visit and I told her I wanted to visit a bookstore/book cafe. Books make me happy so bookstores are my go-to happy places. As we were walking around exploring the place rather aimlessly initially, we came by this place called the Bookhouse with its adjoining cafe called Foresta. And I immediately recognised this place – it was featured in one of CNBLUE’s MV. ‘Love Girl’ to be exact.

I am seriously so in love with this cafe (books on the shelves are real, by the way) because it is my dream to have a room in my house built with bookshelves from floor to ceiling, or own a books & dog cafe like this one. The next time I find the time to revisit Heyri, I’m going to stay within the town itself. And find time for Paju Book City and Lotte Premium Outlet too. It is such an awesome area I wonder why it took me so long to discover it, it being less than an hour away from Seoul by bus!

Hoping that I will eventually find time (and inspiration) to do a proper writeup on Heyri but it will probably be housed at our travel blog.

Windmill Nanoblock

We returned from Paju Sunday morning and arrived back in Seoul before noon. Then got ourselves to Apgujeong and Gangnam to meet up with J. Once again, my request was to visit Kyobo in Gangnam, a bookstore. There, I found the hard-to-find windmill nanoblock accidentally as I was about to ascend the escalator to meet up with the girls. I did remember that someone asked me on this blog if I could find another Shirakawa-go nanoblock for him. I did look around the shelves, but no Shirakawa-go. Sorry.

It has been an amazing experience thus far, and I am always lucky to find rare nanoblocks here. Really thankful for this immersion opportunity. And this reminds me that I really ought to return to my books now.


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