Speaking on the Phone

It’s been widely assumed by everyone (including the parents) that I talk with H on the phone every night ever since I came to Seoul some 3 weeks back. Fact is, we didn’t, until two days back when I started missing home terribly and resorted to calling H to hear his voice. Even the two attempts at FaceTiming didn’t come about because I missed him; it was because I missed the furkids and wanted to see them. 😆

The first time we FaceTimed Paris gave me the biggest smile when she saw me on H’s iPad. It was visible even with the terrible lagging, and it warmed my heart. Boo-Boo? For most parts of the conversation she was trying to decipher what was going on. Not sure if she heard my voice but she definitely didn’t see me.

The second time we attempted, Paris for sure heard and saw me again. She was puzzled, and I again visibly saw her tilt her head while looking at H as if asking, ‘Why is mummy on this thing? Where is she?’ It was hilarious! And Boo-Boo? She still couldn’t grasp what was going on. Dumb blonde she is, that puppy. H and I both gave up on her…

I’m quite sure the way we keep in touch with each other is not the normal way other couples do it. But that’s the way that works for us – did that in 2005 when I spent 3 months in the States, did the same thing in 2011 when he spent 2 months in the States and doing this again in 2013. We text each other throughout the day hence there isn’t a need to speak on the phone I guess. Furthermore, his erratic working hours and time difference (although this time round, the 1-hour difference is negligible) makes it rather difficult for us to find a common time to speak on the phone.

Trying hard to ensure that we do not fall into the trap of taking each other for granted like most couples who have married for many years tend to become, but I guess getting too comfortable with each other is an inevitable outcome in time to come.

Missing Furkids

See the basket of toys in the background? Every Saturday our cleaning lady keeps all their toys into the basket, and by every Saturday evening without fail, Boo-Boo would have emptied most of the contents. In this respect, she is exactly like Sugar. Paris on the other hand, hardly takes toys out of the basket. She usually picks the ones that are strewn all over the floor in the house.

Missing my furbabies so much! I wonder if they miss me…

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