I finally landed on my homeland 3 evenings ago and was slow in getting the mobile phone switched over to the local network. But when I did, it was bad news that greeted me. My furkids’ boarder apparently messaged me while I was in the air to inform me that the elder furkid had a burst lius and was having difficulty walking. She went on to ask me which vet I usually sent the girls to. I stopped short and panicked just when I was 50m away from clearing the customs. Odd place to stop but what I had to deal with at hand was more important.

I have no idea what the hell a ‘lius’ is! But difficulty walking sounded serious. So I told her the name of their regular vet and asked her what a ‘lius’ was. Following that, I quickly cleared the customs and called the hubby. After all, he landed 6 hours earlier and should have received the same message from our boarder.

He too, was not very clear about the condition but updated me that the boarder would be sending Paris to the vet’s the next morning, and that I should probably meet up with her to find out more. Agreed to do so in a heartbeat.

H was mad at me and I know that. Thing is, something always happens to our furkids whenever we travel and they are put up with our regular boarder. I don’t think our boarder did a bad job, it’s just that we cannot expect the boarder to pay as much attention to our furkids as we do. To H, all these problems could have been eliminated if we didn’t travel together and someone was home to take care of the furkids.

Paris was in a very bad shape when I met her at the vets. I was given the impression that she had a blister on her hind paw and because of abrasion, the blister burst and she bled. Nothing was mentioned of the fact that she was limping very badly – she was essentially not putting any weight on one of her front paws. And the vet informed me that she was running a very high temperature, which I could tell simply by touching her. It was that hot.

The abrasions on her hind paws turned out not as bad as they looked once the vet cleaned out the wounds. Paris, being the one with bad skin, always gets hotspots so those wounds didn’t scare me much (but 3 spots per leg is a bit excessive and I wondered why my boarder didn’t bother telling us earlier since it would take time for the abrasions to develop to that stage). The limp and the fever worried me more. I agreed to test her for tick fever and also to x-ray her for possible fracture/dislocation.

Fortunately, all tests turned out negative. The vet deduced that it was probably just a bad sprain. But the fever… she could not account for it because the wounds were not serious enough to be infected to cause the high fever.

I went home with Paris, extremely worried. She was very sedated, like how Sugar would behave… and Paris is never a sedated dog! I laid out her blanket for her to lie on and watched over her the whole afternoon. The whole time she stayed in the same spot, same position and not sleeping. She didn’t even look up or wag her tail when H came home, much less bark. And she was completely disinterested when I cooked boiled rice with beef for her. This is not the Paris I know.

Things started looking up yesterday night. Suddenly at 10 pm, she struggled a bit, stood up and smiled at me. I thought she wanted to pee so I opened the door to the kitchen. Instead she stared at me. I didn’t know what she wanted so I left her to her own devices. She hobbled around the house, went to smell the luggage and then proceeded to our bedroom. Ah… she was trying to tell me it was bedtime and she wanted to sleep in the bedroom, not in the living room like the previous night.

And today, I found her barking behind the door when I returned home. She is slowly returning to normalcy. Never expect the day would come when I would say I am actually happy to hear her barking.

H was still mad at me these two days. And it got me thinking that I should perhaps cut down on our travelling now that Paris is getting older and seems to always get herself hurt whenever she is not with us. A shift in priorities is necessary and this is something new to me because we never had a senior dog living with us before (Sugar left shortly after she turned 7). There is still much for us to learn.

Injured Paris

Get well soon, my big baby!

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