On the Topic of TOPIK

For the uninformed, TOPIK is the Korean Language version of JLPT. And I finally signed up for it on the last day of application, 1.5 hours before it closed. I procrastinated for a couple of days after returning home, but on the final day H gave me the decisive push as I sat in front of the computer staring at the online application form. ‘Go, go and sign up! You said you wanted to! Or else buy so many books for what?!’

I looked to my left and there it was, a sobering pile of dead trees that sacrificed themselves in my pursuit of knowledge.


It looks a frightening sight, I know, but let’s just say I am prepared to continue with the studying for a long, long time hence these books can last me for some years. And there is every intention to ensure that I make use of every single book there from cover to cover.

While many of my classmates expressed the intention to take the TOPIK in October this year, eventually only S and I signed up for it. Even our teacher was taken by surprise when she asked the class earlier this evening given that so many of us invested in TOPIK-related books. And so, upon finding out she sternly warned the both of us that the Writing component is difficult, and from now on, she wants us to turn in double the amount of homework assignments she gives to the class weekly.

It was sombering, to say the least, considering that together with T in my clique (who didn’t sign up this time round because she doesn’t think she has time to prepare amply), S and I make up the triumvirate of study excellence in the class. That she felt the need to forewarn and prepare us is…  disheartening. Are we really this ill-prepared for the proficiency test?


2 thoughts on “On the Topic of TOPIK

  1. sweetangel says:

    I have already registered for the Topik this October. I have taken the Topik twice and I hope this time I will get better results.
    Wow, you really have so many books :Xxxxxxxxx Good luck to your Topik exam

    • genn says:

      Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog. My books are supposed to last me for at least 2 more years. Bought them in advance since I was in Seoul for a spell. Good luck with your TOPIK exam too!

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