Entertainment Review: Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia MCs

I commenced watching this entertainment series because of Kyuyhun, I will admit as much. Mamma Mia’s (맘마미아) concept is quite unlike others I’d ever watch – it involves celebrities coming onto the show with their real-life mothers and I have to say that some of the mother-daughter (sometimes sons too) interactions are so hilarious that I’ve long begun liking the regular guests going on the show as well. My favourite has to be comedian Kim Young Hui (김영희) and her deadpan-faced, acid-tongued mother. Her mother, in particular, never fails to crack me up every single time she speaks. And the two of them are forever squabbling on the show. Hilarious!

Kim Younghee & Mum

Because of the inherent concept of this variety show, anything goes so long as mothers are involved. They have had visited a dude ranch, gone on a 100 km road trip challenge (and survived – had no idea things could get so awkward on a 100 km drive!), visited one of the mother’s hometown down south of Korea and sent two of the celebrity children on a matchmaking date based on partner choices made by their mothers. The matchmaking date was the most hilarious of all the episodes thus far, in my opinion. I couldn’t stop laughing at how bad and hopeless Park Eunyoung (박은영), a KBS newsbroadcaster, was at the date with a pianist one year younger than she is. That Solbi the sex bomb would end up being the one giving her good advice was something I didn’t expect. And Kyuhuyn’s  horror at some of the most fundamental mistakes Eunyoung made during the date was simply… daebak!

Park Eunyoung & Pianist

I really hope things between Eunyoung and the pianist work out because they do make such a cute couple! And she wants to get hitched! 두분이 꼭 행복할 거예요!

This show is growing on me. Apart from developing affection for the regular guests, I find the mother-child interaction very heartwarming. And it’s cute how the adult children behave like kids again when they are with their mothers. Makes me miss my mum too. She is currently worrying over lil sis’ wedding preparations, at the same time worrying about how quiet the house will become once her younger child moves out of the house too. It will definitely take some getting used to.

As of now, Kyuhyun has appeared on the show a total of 15 times and that is the same number of episodes I’ve caught (like mentioned earlier, I started watching for him). A couple of weeks back there was a rumour spreading like wildfire that KBS was going to be axed (as a result of relatively low ratings I reckon) but later on, a spokesman from KBS jumped out to address this rumour. Apparently, Mamma Mia is not going to be axed, but the show will undergo a complete overhaul, whatever that means. The sad fact is for the broadcasting companies, ratings is king. And it really doesn’t help that I have somewhat rather weird taste where variety shows are concerned. KBS already axed one of the shows I like – Qualifications of Men so I’m hoping this show gets to stay. However, Mamma Mia may actually benefit from some minor tweaks to the programme concept. Some of the episodes are so boring I was tempted to fast forward (I pre-record because I never seem to remember catching the episodes on KBS World on Sundays) to only parts where Kyuhyun appeared. It’s that bad at times.

Kyuhyun and Mother

And oh, I cannot wait for the episode when Kyuhyun’s own mother goes on the show and spill some beans on this evil maknae. He promised he would bring her on after losing in a watermelon-eating challenge against co-host Lee Youngja (이영자) but they have not mentioned anything about it since. So I wonder if it is really going to happen. I actually bumped into his mum in real-life before, in Seoul last year. To be exact she was just standing right behind me as I was reading the congratulatory notes for Kyuhyun at the opening of his ‘The Three Musketeers’ Musical performance. Was really quite shocked to see her when I turned to walk away. Petite lady, but very classy. And gave me the impression that she is someone who values her privacy a lot unlike his father, who seemed much more outgoing. Curious how the episode will turn out.


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