Today, we celebrate our Tin Wedding Anniversary. To be exact, it’s our 10th ROM anniversary. I hate how I have two dates to remember, as with many other Singaporean married couples who had chosen to hold the two events separately. It’s seriously annoying.

We spend a lot on travelling and other whims, but we are definitely not known to be big on romancing each other. There are no plans on this day. No dinner date, and I am most certainly not expecting flowers. This may seem very unbecoming to other romantic couples who cannot fathom how we could treat our anniversary like any other day. But this is us. Practical. Pragmatic, even.

3 May - Together

I am commemorating this special day with a shot of our very special type of a love lock that was left along Via dell’Amore in Cinque Terre. When we found ourselves without a padlock after coming across a railing filled with undying love declarations from lovers who had once visited the same spot, H very resourcefully looked over everything we had with us and decided upon using the velcro strips I had secured on our backpacks to tidy unruly straps. This was how our ingenious and unique love lock was conceived along a popular hiking route thousands of miles away from home.

That 18-day vacation to Italy remains to be one of my top favourite holidays of all-time – never mind that lil sis tagged along as well – simply because it was then that I commited to my memory that H is truly the epitome of a good husband who married not only me, but my family as well. Lil sis started her nonsense in Cinque Terre, crying about wanting to return home. When I was losing my temper with my own blood sister, he was there patiently coaxing her to continue on with the trip. I looked on the scene with little guilt, some ire (I cannot cope with crying people) and loads of admiration for the man I have come to love even more over the years.

No words will ever be enough so this year, I just want to say ‘Thank you’.


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