The 80th Bash

I’ve attended good schools all my life but if I were asked to pinpoint the one school that really changed my life, it has to be my secondary school. I used to be really upset with mum for her decision to enrol me in a SAP school when my grades turned out well enough because three-quarter of my primary school classmates went to my first choice. Not anymore. We discussed this several times in the course of the 2 decades that had transpired since, and she always very smugly demands that I thank her for making such a wise choice on my behalf.

And of course, I will unabashedly relent. I would have turned out completely different (not in a good sort of way) if I had gone on to my first choice school instead of my mum’s beyond-first choice school.

SN Invite

At the end of last month, my alma mater celebrated her 80th birthday on the original school grounds and I just had to be there. Fortunately it wasn’t that difficult gathering 9 other like-minded friends to form a table. There were some uncertainties along the way but they were all sorted out in good time before I left for Seoul.

SN School Field

The white tent on the school field was bustling with activities by the time I arrived in the evening. The tent did look awfully small for 100 tables, and a stage. Later in the evening while strolling out of the tent for a respite from the cacophony, I learnt that there were actually more like about 115 tables in total. Gosh, no wonder it felt so cramped in the tent. Didn’t help one bit that our table was almost right smack in the centre of it all. The noise generated was resonating beneath the tent but I refused to let it get to me.

I went home that night with a silly smile plastered on my face, and a splitting headache. Meeting up with my secondary school friends always lifts my spirits.


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