Red Pig Korean Restaurant

This set of pictures have been sitting in my external hard disk for over four months; I had simply forgotten about it. Till it’s almost time for our next dinner gathering that I realised that these photos have not seen the light of day. You see, my clique from the Korean Langauge class has been together since we started lessons early last year and we always celebrate each milestone (of completing one level) with a dinner gathering. Incidentally, we have bonded over Korean cuisine each single time. What else, right? đŸ˜†

T is a lot more adventurous than the rest of us where food is concerned, and it was she that recommended that we tried out Red Pig Korean Restaurant along Amoy Street. This restaurant is apparently renown for their marinated red pig meat. To be barbecued, obviously. Also, it’s completely run by Koreans, as of most Korean restaurants in Singapore nowadays so authenticity is not an issue.

Red Pig Restaurant 14

The restaurant interior is so simply decorated it borders on being considered run-down. Which is probably a good sign if there are still customers patronising since we can conclude that they are definitely not there for the ambience. It was a Wednesday night but the restaurant was not in the least crowded, which came as quite a surprise because some other blogs we were reading (for more information on the restaurant) all reported that the restaurant is usually really crowded on weeknights. I’m guessing that the restaurant has seen better days. Either that or we were very lucky.

Banchan 1

M was craving for soju since she had to stay away during her pregnancy and confinement. No prizes for guessing what the first thing was that she wanted to order off the menu. Unfortunately the remaining three of us aren’t so keen on soju. She went ahead to order a bottle anyway and had a very good time that evening.

Banchan 2

The Banchan (or side dishes) is not exactly extensive, and mostly refillable with the exception of the egg banchan. I like the cold tofu though. The corn banchan is a nice touch too, but other than that, nothing to shout about. At least there was nothing really outstanding that I can recall four months on.

Red Pig Restaurant 09

Red Pig Restaurant 10

Red Pig Restaurant 11

The three most delicious dishes we had that evening, in my opinion, were the Sundubu Jjigae (soft tofu stew), Kimchi Jjigae (kimchi stew) and Hameul Pajeon (seafood pancake). The Pajeon was really good – crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Just the right consistency for my palate. The stews were nice too, especially the Sundubu Jjigae. Tasty, and close enough to the stews I tasted in Seoul.

Red Pig Restaurant 12

Red Pig Restaurant 13

The meats, seriously, were nothing to shout about. Even the signature red pig meat (which I didn’t post a picture of because none of the pictures turned out right) didn’t impress us. But, none of us four are really into meats – and I’m so not into pork – hence we might not be able to appreciate what we ate. I might have to return with H (who is a connoisseur where meats are concerned) to let him be judge of the red pig meat.

Red Pig Restaurant 15

The restaurant wasn’t crowded that evening and wasn’t noisy we had a good time catching up especially since M had been on maternity leave back in Malaysia the two months prior. More importantly, we were really glad that she decided to rejoin us for classes. That’s quite a huge commitment considering that her baby was just a couple of months old.

I don’t have a conclusive verdict on Red Pig Korean Restaurant’s signature, to be honest. Might need to return again before I can decide.

Red Pig Korean Restaurant
93 Amoy Street
Singapore 069913
Tel: +65-6220-7176
Opening Hours:
1200-1430hrs; 1730-2330hrs (Weekdays)
1730-2330hrs (Weekends)


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