Difficult Decision

Throughout my life, my lung function has never been great. For a start, I was a very premature baby (about 30 weeks when I was born) so that could have perpetuated the issue. Could be a reason why I never do very well in sports because stamina corresponds majorly with lung function/capacity. And if the one month in Seoul has told me anything, it’s that the reason why I keep succumbing to lung infections has got to do with my environment – not even once did I need my inhaler in Seoul, and a few days after returning home, I was promptly back to wheezing.

My GP just advised me about lung function reduction as we age, and how every time I have a lung infection requiring antibiotics to help clear, my lungs are scarred and damaged a little. In essence, my lung function is diminishing at a much faster rate than any other normal person. He scared me by telling me that at the rate I’m catching infections, I might be needing to walk around with an oxygen tank by the age 50. That’s not very far off. And, for a person who feels embarrassed whipping out her inhaler whenever she felt breathless during an infection, I would rather be dead than be caught walking around with an oxygen tank.

I have 2 furry dogs kept indoors at home, and in my GP’s opinion, they are the major cause of my frequent lung infections. His observation has merit so I didn’t argue with him on that. He told me, in all seriousness, to start considering what I want to do because they have a lifespan of 10-12 years but I may live till 80. There is no one H and  I could talk to about the furkids because it is in my opinion that absolutely no one around us understands how important the girls are to us, and they will persuade us, in a heartbeat, to give them up for adoption if I discuss this issue with them.

It’s painful to even think about parting with the furkids but I have to say that I paused to think hard after hearing the facts from my GP. It didn’t take me very long to decide making other lifestyle changes instead of removing the furkids from our lives.

But one thing’s for sure, Belle will be our last furkid in a long while. That is till we have the opportunity to move to a bigger place with a garden and better ventilation.

Sorry babies, for giving you girls such a bad name just because mummy and daddy cannot take care of ourselves properly. But do know that you two are very important to us.


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