Empty Nest

The parents, in particular the mum, is suffering from empty nest syndrome since the marriage of my one and only lil sis. What makes it even harder is that after my own marriage 9 years back, she was living at home with them like an only child. And this has allowed her and especially the mum to form an extremely deep bond with each other. Not surprising that the mum is taking her leaving home extremely hard.

I’m at a loss as to how I could help the parents get out of the rut because I looked around me, and realised that I have very few female married friends who have only one female sibling recently married. Never noticed that in the past but the revelation that the situation my family is currently facing is indeed quite unique doesn’t sit well with me. The mum has revolved her whole life around her family, especially her children. She doesn’t have any hobbies per se (or to be exact, she gave them up decades ago to be a good mother), so I can’t send her off to some enrichment classes to take her mind off an empty house. She’s also not a social person, being an introvert like myself (where else did I get that from, right?) who likes to stay home to read or watch whatever is playing on the television.

This feeling of emptiness is more acutely felt in recent weeks because lil sis is currently on her honeymoon and she hasn’t been able to find the time to call and chat with the parents every single day. In my opinion, this is a very unreasonable expectation the mum has but if I should contradict her, I might reopen her deep well of tears so I’m not about to go anywhere near there.

I pride on being a resourceful person who usually am able to find multiple solutions to problems but I have to admit that I am running out of options here, apart from spending more time with them. But I’m not lil sis, and she has obviously been their favourite since young. I’m not sure if anything I do will even make a difference; I just have to do the best that I can. And at this point, nothing is more important than just being there for them. I just hope it is enough.


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