13 Years of Love

Cheesy title huh? Yea I know but please just bear with it.

It’s not a date that we consciously remember year in year out, considering we have more than enough dates to keep in our heads. But 13 years is quite a milestone. And considering that I finally found the inspiration to take a nice picture of the place where we first met, I thought it apt to dedicate a post to this important date nevertheless.


H just completed his on-the-job training after being the only person in his batch to pass the course. Top of the batch, and that was when I first saw his name – on the board of the Standards Unit during our orientation of the centre. A couple of days later, we met proper up at that tower in the picture where I sat next to him, observing how he worked in the runway position. That little interaction opened the doorway to, amongst other things, a relationship. I wonder how much of that day H now remembers, perhaps not much. I, on the other hand, have the memory of an elephant.

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